Below the Fold

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And now time to check out some political stories we found under the radar and below the fold.

Food for thought

Oregon officials are bummed out by a flier distributed at state expense.  A company called Lane Workforce Partnership produced a tip sheet to help welfare recipients make ends meet.  The recommendations included clipping coupons, attending garage sales and shopping at thrift stores. 

But then there was this, "Check the dump and residential/business dumpsters."  Evidently some Oregonians took the advice literally and plunged into refuse bins.  Other welfare recipients complained the suggestion was undignified. 

Pink slip

The Saint Joseph High School, a private Catholic school in Santa Barbara, California, has fired substitute teacher Dana Gibson.  Ms. Gibson, responding last weeks to complaints that she was boring students in her Spanish class, removed her blouse and exposed her midriff, shoulders and sports bra.  The move sparked the interest not only of students but also of
the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which handed her a pink slip.  Said Gibson afterwards, "It didn't seem like a big deal, but maybe something's totally wrong with me." 

Virginia is for lovers

The state of Virginia in a brazen assault on the privacy rights of sea-going arachnids has urged residents to, "Report date, time and location as specific as possible of romantic assignations between horseshoe crabs." 

In the event of a crab orgy, Virginians also are kindly requested to provide information about, again, "the number of horseshoe crabs involved."  As a tip to Virginian voyeurs, Lewis Gilligham of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission advises, "The female does all the work, and the males are there to fertilize the eggs."  But don't we hear that all the

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