Common Sense: Corporate Hail Mary Pass

Impressions count for a lot.  First impressions count for a lot more. Really big first impressions count for the most.

Just ask the Pope, the president, and Priceline.

The Pope, because he took the unprecedented step of traveling to Syria to talk peace.

The president, because he took the unusual step of being nice to change the tone in Washington.

And the chairman of Priceline because he took the fairly dramatic step of dumping his CEO to rescue his company.

Trust me, I'm not trying to compare the head of Priceline to the Pope. But I am saying his shakeup there is as close to a Hail Mary pass as you can get in the corporate world.

You see, Priceline has sinned. Its stock has tanked. Its fortunes, suddenly less than heavenly. So, enter chairman Richard Braddock, showing the door to the very CEO for whom he opened it Daniel Schulman.

When companies do stuff like that they're trying to shake up a lot more than their boardroom. They're trying to shake up their stock. And this time, it worked.

Now, five bucks and change for this name-your-price service is a long way from the $162 price it was naming a couple of years ago. But that was then and this is now.

And as I see it, Priceline can't be dramatic enough.

The problem isn't making first impressions count. The problem is making those impressions last.

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