Talking Points: Where's the Accountability?

Your money is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

As you may know the fed cut interest rates by a half-point, trying desperately to keep the earnings recession from deepening.

Once again Alan Greenspan and his posse surprised Wall Street, but this time it was a good surprise as the Dow shot up nearly 400 points.

But once again Mr. Greenspan did not sit down with the press to explain the rate cut. Another bland statement was issued, but we really have no idea what this guy is doing.

Four months ago the fed could have cut interest rates and I believe spared working Americans a massive amount of pain. Why didn't Alan Greenspan do that?

He will not say and now the American economy is struggling big time.

Talking Points would like to repeat that it is unhealthy for this country to be run by powerful people who are unaccountable. Alan Greenspan should be forced to report directly to the American people by holding monthly press conferences.

We have also found out that our tax money has once again been severely abused by the Queen of unaccountability, Hillary Clinton.

According to an investigation by the House Appropriations Committee, Mrs. Clinton spent $1.3 million of our money on her senatorial campaign. That is an outrage.

She has also failed to account for seven trips she took on the taxpayer's dime. And on one fundraising trip to California and Las Vegas, she charged the taxpayers $120,000.

Mrs. Clinton was not doing the people's business on these trips, she was raising money for her own purposes. This is clearly against the law.

But as Talking Points has said time and time again, Mrs. Clinton and Alan Greenspan will not be held accountable for their actions because the powerful protect each other. The President, Congress and the Justice Department have no stomach for prosecuting corruption.

The example we gave last night of Richard Riley, the former secretary of Education, supervising the waste of $450 million and then waltzing back home to South Carolina unencumbered is just one of hundreds we could cite.

The truth is that very few powerful people in America are looking out for working Americans and are willing to challenge high-level corruption. The situation is totally out of control and it can be summed up by one example.

There is no question that Hillary Clinton abused the taxpayer and got away with it. Where is the outrage? Where is equal justice under the law?

And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The former mayor of Washington, D.C., Marion Barry, the guy who was caught smoking crack by a hidden camera, has now been sentenced again by the authorities. Mayor Barry received a year's probation for exposing himself to a female janitor at the Baltimore-Washington Airport. Lovely. He also shoved the woman.

Barry says he's innocent. But he did agree to plead guilty, which doesn't make a lot of sense. But with this guy, being ridiculous is a way of life.

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