Russian loses 2008 Olympic high jump bronze in doping case

Russian high jumper Anna Chicherova has been stripped of her bronze medal from the 2008 Beijing Olympics after her doping samples were retested and came back positive for steroids.

The International Olympic Committee says Chicherova, who won the gold medal at the 2012 London Games, tested positive for turinabol and has been retroactively disqualified from Beijing.

The IOC says the Russian Olympic Committee should secure the return of her bronze medal "as soon as possible."

The IOC stores doping samples for 10 years to allow for them to be reanalyzed when improved methods become available.

The IOC has recorded 98 positive cases in recent retests of more than 1,000 samples from Beijing and London.

Another Russian -- Yelena Slesarenko -- finished fourth in the high jump in Beijing. She stands to move up to the bronze if the IOC decides to reallocate the medals.