Team USA trailing Australia at halftime sparks KD jokes

UPDATE: Team USA pulled it out, 98-88.

So Team USA trailed Australia by five at halftime on Wednesday in Rio -- the first time they trailed at the half since 2004 -- and people reacted about how you'd expect on Twitter.

Starting with the Kevin Durant jokes.

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In a few months we'll learn that Andrew Bogut texted Kevin Durant at halftime about joining Australia.

— Frank Isola (@FisolaNYDN) August 10, 2016

Team USA - 49
Australia - 54

— SportsNation (@SportsNation) August 10, 2016

Australia leading USA and Kyrie Irving is like

— Erika Esola-Imburgio (@emesola) August 10, 2016

At halftime in Rio: Australia (looking like it has all the continuity and chemistry) 54, Team USA (looking like a team of semi-strangers) 49

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) August 10, 2016

Australia is killing Irving on D.

— Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) August 10, 2016

Luc Longley just moonlighting as Australia's coach before he goes back to judging The Voice

— Seth Partnow (@SethPartnow) August 10, 2016

Calipari has never lost to Australia

— Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) August 10, 2016

Australia 54, USA 49.

Follow LIVE:

— NBA Memes (@NBAMemes) August 10, 2016

To be fair, Australia is the world's best basketball country

— jason (@JasonKirkSBN) August 10, 2016

Now it's up to Melo to take over and break Australia's scary spirit.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) August 10, 2016

Imagine if Ben Simmons, Dante Exum and Thon Maker were competing for Australia.

— Ky'Juan (@KD9512) August 10, 2016

Is that Australia or Mercer out there vs. Team USA right now?

— Matt Norlander (@MattNorlander) August 10, 2016

I keep finding myself cheering for Australia in this game everytime a Golden State player touches the ball. 😂😂😂

— Billy Hoyle (@WhiteBoyBaetz) August 10, 2016

The US is full of NBA starters and All Star players and Australia got a bunch of role players and bench warmers and its only a 3 point game

— jiggy⚡️ (@Jagritmago) August 10, 2016

it's a back and forth affair between America and Australia

— Steven (@akulawolf) August 10, 2016

US and Australia men's basketball tied in the 4th quarter. We see you, @BuzzFeedOz #Rio2016

— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) August 10, 2016

The US is only up by 3 against Australia going into the 4th quarter.

— Michael Adams (@MichaelAdamsAAS) August 10, 2016


— Joel Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) August 10, 2016

Australia's basketball team, or as I like to call them, st marys+, is really giving the us a hard time rn

— Delaney (@delaney_grace7) August 10, 2016

"USA 94-88 Australia, 0:27 4th quarter...Australia has begun to foul. No, the U.S. doesn't have DeAndre Jordan in the game"

— Mar (@pal3_r1d3r) August 10, 2016

(A lot of folks in the office suddenly rooting for Australia. Just saying.)

— Marcus Vanderberg (@marcowill) August 10, 2016

How this stuff work? Do we have to play Australia again? I hope not. 😩😂

— Eltease Moore (@jsudiva) August 10, 2016

I'm sitting here cheering for Australia practicing for when I watch the Warriors.

— Lori Davis (@bbfan_ld) August 10, 2016