One good way to know a trend is dead is when major brands start to hop on board. Nine times out of ten, it means the Olds have gotten to it, and it's no longer cool. We've hit Peak Appropriation O'Clock, and today's moment of "smh" is brought to you by Chevrolet, Manchester United, and ... Jesse Lingard?

They've got moves on the pitch, but do they have the dab skills to graduate #DabUniversity w. #mufc's #JesseLingard?

— Chevrolet FC (@ChevroletFC) July 27, 2016

Did your skin crawl a little bit? Mine did.

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Cam Newton said it loud and clear, and Migos, inventors of the dance have confirmed it: the dab is dead. No one's let our friends over in Europe know though, and they won't let it disappear before they parade it through the streets for everyone to see the lifeless body.

The dab was cool when Cam Newton did it for a whole season. It was even cooler when Paul Pogba caught on, and then he did it for a whole season. It was dope when a few others in the soccer world like Romelu Lukaku, and even Jesse Lingard hit their dab.

Now it's nearly a year later, and as with all great trends, the cool kids moved on long ago. Odell Beckham, Jr.'s been hitting them folk for a while, and so has Cam Newton. This year, they'll most likely be hitting them even harder, and Europe will most likely follow suit.

No one's told Chevy or Jesse Lingard though. Someone please come collect your mans.