Isiah Thomas rips Ben Simmons for sitting out summer league game to rest

The Philadelphia 76ers announced that No. 1 draft pick Ben Simmons was sitting out Wednesday's summer league game to rest, and that got Isiah Thomas' attention.

First, Thomas retweeted it. Then he went off on Simmons on NBA TV, ripping him for standing around taking selfies with fans and insisting "He should be playing tonight."

"You're 19. Earn your money, get on the floor and play," Thomas said.

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Some fans who were watching felt the Hall of Famer was being too hard on Simmons for skipping a game against a team of D-Leaguers.

And why is isiah Thomas worried about Ben Simmons? So what, he missed a SUMMER LEAGUE game against dudes we will never hear from? Lol and..

— $ (@jkahlilt) July 14, 2016

Why does Isiah Thomas still get to talk about basketball? The 76ers pre-scheduled his rest day, you clown.

— Larry Berroya (@Berroya) July 14, 2016

Anyone else hearing @iamisiahthomas bash Simmons for not playing in tonight's game? Maybe you should take a night off, pal #Clown

— Inside 76ers (@Inside76ers) July 13, 2016

Isiah Thomas is currently tearing Ben Simmons a part for not playing against the mighty D-League select team tonight

— #1 Jaylen Brown Fan (@ColeyMick) July 13, 2016

And apparently Simmons took notice too, as he retweeted this: