West Virginia was struck by tragedy the past week, as torrential rains led to massive flooding across the state. At last count, nearly two dozen people are dead and hundreds more left without their homes.

The sports world was also affected by this tragedy. ESPN reported that Laurel D'Antoni, the wife of new Rockets' coach Mike D'Antoni, had to be evacuated by boat from the couple's home.

The two own a vacation home in White Sulphur Springs, and Mrs. D'Antoni was packing as the family prepares to move to Houston full-time. Here are some more details, via ESPN:

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"Everybody is fine," Mike D'Antoni said. "Our hearts go out to all the people that aren't fine in areas that are devastated. We just want to try to help them and rebuild in any way that we can."

Mike D'Antoni said his wife, along with two cats, got in a boat and left their offseason home at The Greenbrier, an estate in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains. NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West also lives in the community.

Mike D'Antoni was in Houston during the floods, preparing for the draft, but provided additional details to ESPN.

"It was very scary," D'Antoni said. "Although I wouldn't have been much help with the two cats. There was some damage, very minimal, water rising and she was caught in it, she couldn't get out and the only way she could leave was by boat. They came out and rescued her and some different people."