Angry Terry Collins called longtime Mets PR man a 'puppy dog'

New York Mets manager Terry Collins really didn't want to talk about Noah Syndergaard's elbow discomfort.

And he almost got away with it, too. If it weren't for that meddling PR guy.

As Collins was wrapping up his postgame presser on Wednesday after a 4-3 win over the Kansas City Royals, Collins was standing up to leave without having faced any questions about his star pitcher's elbow issues, which reporters were clearly unaware of.

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Then Collins, after being told something off-camera, sat back down, clearly exasperated.

Look's like the #Mets organization has infighting. See Terry Collins take swipe at PR Director, Jay Horowitz #Stress

— Mike Cardano (@MikeCardano) June 23, 2016

"What? There wasn't any questions on it. Oh, Jesus. ... The puppy dog wants you guys to now that, uh, Noah Syndergaard's seeing the doctor. His elbow flared up on him. That's why I took him out of the game," Collins said, before quickly exiting.

The "puppy dog" in question was longtime Mets PR guru Jay Horwitz and the whole incident caught the eye of plenty of people, including Mike Francesa, who ranted about it on his show Wednesday.

"Why would you then embarrass a PR guy --€” and Jay Horwitz, who's one of the nicest guys and best guys in the business and has been there 40 years --€” why would you treat him like that? All of a sudden because Terry Collins won some games last year and went to the World Series, now he's a tough guy? I mean, that was obnoxious. He owes Jay a public apology."

Chances are we'll hear more about Syndergaard -- and Collins -- soon.