Pacers fans are using Twitter to bring Kevin Durant to Indy

With Kevin Durant's free agency looming, we've heard plenty about his potential destinations. There is Boston. And Miami. The Lakers. Possibly the Wizards, Spurs or Warriors. And most likely, at least one more season with Oklahoma City.

That's right, it seems like half the NBA believes they have a shot to land KD next season, and on Friday we learned that we can add one more name to that list: the Pacers.

OK, so maybe the Pacers don't think they have a "realistic" shot in landing KD, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying to woo him on Twitter anyway. Indiana fans have created the hash tag #KevINDYrant (see what they did there?), creating some pretty clever photoshops along the way.

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Here is the best of the #KevINDYrant hashtag on Twitter (big shout out to @ChadHoy for many of the best photoshops).