Western Conference Finals Drinking BINGO: Game 6 Edition

Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals is almost here, and if you're planning on imbibing for said event, you're in luck.

Because the basketball gods have conspired to give us a king-hell showdown in Oklahoma City this fine, crisp Saturday, and to celebrate, we've facilitated a means for you to enjoy this occasion to its fullest potential.

Enter Western Conference Finals Drinking BINGO: Game 6 Edition.

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This is BINGO meets you putting beer in your face. And we advise you to enjoy it responsibly.

On the following card you'll find the prompts for the game. Whenever any these occurrences happen during the broadcast, mark the corresponding box and, optionally, take a sip from your chosen beverage. So if Draymond Green yells "And one," mark it and take a sip of that sweet nectar you've procured for this fine, Memorial Day Weekend.

Should you record a BINGO, you will yell "THAT'S A BINGO." Optionally, you may celebrate your BINGO with a viking chug - - a straight arm pour from on high into your mouth.

Remember, the key to winning Western Conference Drinking BINGO is pacing, space and paying damn attention. Rob and Dan will be on the Twitters playing the game and keeping track of winners. You can find them @World_Wide_Wob and @TheDoctorCarson.

Godspeed and good luck to all.