This long-range goal in an Argentina derby is absolutely filthy

Whether it's El Clasico, Der Klassiker, the Old Firm or any number of worldwide derbies, there's no denying the magic attached to rivalry tilts. For a variety of reasons, these hotly contested matches tend to ratchet up the entertainment value.

The Clasico del Sur in Argentina might not be well known, but the match still delivered all we've come to expect from derby matches. Lanus midfielder Victor Ayala lowered the boom in the 60th minute against crosstown rival Banfield with this audacious effort Saturday.

¡GOLAZO DE LANÚS! ¿El gol de la fecha? Ayala clavó este bombazo desde fuera del área y puso el 1-0 ante Banfield

— TyC Sports (@TyCSports) April 23, 2016

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What a stroke! The thought process that goes along with taking a shot from there is normally reserved only for people named Zlatan. Ayala didn't care.

Banfield goalkeeper Hilario Navarro was totally helpless to save that ball. The dip, the swerve and the "no way did he actually hit it" mindset made for an impossible task.

A halftime substitute for the Buenos Aires-based club, Ayala will be able to tell his story for years to come -- his goal wound up being the winner in the 2-0 victory. He probably won't have to pay for a drink for quite a while ... except in the Banfield side of town.