FOX Sports Wisconsin's Monday Morning Rewind: March 28

Looking to get caught up on the best of the web from the last week? We're here to help. To start off your week, we bring you some of the videos you might have missed the past seven days.

Let's hope for a big season from the former first-round pick.

After today's news. I had to start conditioning

— Datone Jones (@IAM_Dat_One) March 23, 2016

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That, plus another Rose Bowl appearance, would make us very happy.

If you want to be happy watch this

— Jake Maxwell (@CashMoneyMax) March 23, 2016

He's no Anna Kendrick, but he's pretty close.


— Tim Dillard (@DimTillard) March 22, 2016

At least he's got confidence. Hopefully he's getting that degree, too.

100% of student-managers go pro in something other than sports

— Towel Up (@BadgerMBBMGRS) March 23, 2016

Let's hope he eventually finds that wave.

Two brothers searching for the perfect wave!!

A video posted by Rafael Nogueira Gaglianone (@gaglianone10) on

No one's certainly questioning his athleticism after watching this.

Lack of athleticism they say....

— Joe Schobert (@JoeTheShow58) March 23, 2016