Highlights from the 16th running of the Indianapolis 500

RACE: 16th Indianapolis 500

DATE: May 30, 1928

WINNER: Louis Meyer, Alden Sampson II

AVERAGE SPEED: 99.482 mph

WHAT HAPPENED: A rainy morning cleared in time for the race to start on time — a first. With 19 laps to go, race leader Tony Gulotta was running at a pace that could have challenged the speed record (101.127 mph). But when Gulotta's No. 8 car developed a small leak in the fuel tank, Louis Meyer took the lead and held on for the first of his three wins. Late showers forced the yellow flag to come out, slowing the field to prevent any chance of a record-breaking day. Meyer won with an average speed of 99.482.

NOTABLE: The 43.89-second margin of victory made it the closest race to that point. While Meyer took home $28,250, Gulotta wound up with $1,600 after sliding to 10th in the closing laps. Twelve of the 29 cars to start the race used front-wheel drives but Meyer and Gulotta used rear-wheel drives and led each of the last 51 laps.