Want a physics lesson? Ask Diamondbacks' Collmenter, spring training professor

Spring training is barely a few days old but players are already filling up their days with extracurricular activities.

On Tuesday morning, beat writers Nick Piecoro of and's Steve Gilbert observed Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Josh Collmenter speaking with his fellow pitchers in the clubhouse.

#Dbacks Josh Collmenter teaching teammates about Newton's theories. No, really he is.

— Steve Gilbert (@SteveGilbertMLB) February 23, 2016

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But they weren't discussing mere baseball strategies, mind you - rather, Professor Collmenter was delivering a lecture on physics and some of the most revered minds in scientific history:

Josh Collmenter is teaching a class to a group of pitchers in clubhouse. Among topics on his dry-erase board: Einstein, Newton, Archimedes.

-- Nick Piecoro (@nickpiecoro) February 23, 2016

Collmenter is a valuable pitcher on the D-Backs' staff, appearing as both a starter and reliever over his five-year stint in Arizona. His apparent teaching skills are an added bonus.

Collmenter is currently expounding on the physics of how a boat floats on water.

— Nick Piecoro (@nickpiecoro) February 23, 2016

Professor Collmenter and his pupils.

— Nick Piecoro (@nickpiecoro) February 23, 2016

Leading a classroom discussion on physics could obviously benefit pitchers, who are already generally considered to be among the most 'cerebral'-type players in the game today. Collmenter's new teammate, Zack Greinke, is known for his intellect and analytical approach to just about everything he does on the diamond, for example.

Here's Collmenter talking about gravitational pull and the space-time continuum, as passed along by Piecoro:

Collmenter was getting into gravitational pulls and the space-time continuum

— Nick Piecoro (@nickpiecoro) February 23, 2016

If this catches on, look for more pitcher-led physics discussions to spread around spring training like wildfire.