Zach LaVine's dad crashed his Rising Stars MVP press conference

TORONTO -- Zach LaVine was voted the MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, after scoring 30 points in leading the USA team to a 157-154 victory over the World squad.

#BBVARisingStars MVP @ZachLaVine has effortless bounce! #PhantomCam #NBAvine

— NBA (@NBA) February 13, 2016

His postgame press conference was largely uneventful, at least until his father snuck in and got a couple of questions in after getting his turn on the mic.

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The exchange went down like this:

Q. I just want to know where you get your hard work from and your athletic ability? Where did that come from?

ZACH LAVINE: I get it from my mom.

Q. Your mom?

ZACH LAVINE: Come on. I get it from my dad who played professional football. Hey, who gave him a mic? You can't do that.

Q. So where did you get the hard work from?

ZACH LAVINE: I got it from you.

Q. Okay, you're going to keep working?

ZACH LAVINE: Okay, that's good.

Q. Yeah, yeah. All right.

ZACH LAVINE: Please don't give him a mic again (laughing).

The press conferences during All-Star weekend are rarely all that serious, and it was nice to see LaVine share a fun moment with his father to cap off a wildly successful night.