Want a Royals-themed license plate? Missourians can get one for just $35

With the legions of Kansas City Royals fans still basking in the glory of the team's masterful World Series run in 2015, showing team pride has arguably never been more appropriate.

Royals fever has truly captivated the K.C. area, which is why this makes total sense: the Royals are offering Missouri-based residents the opportunity to procure a customized Royals-themed license plate. Here's a look, as modeled by the team's mascot Sluggerrr:

Missourians, get your custom Royals plates! $35 donation to @royalscharities = 1 yr of use:

— Kansas City Royals (@Royals) January 26, 2016

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All it takes is a $35 donation to Royals Charities. Of course, vanity plates still have to show a unique sequence of characters, and there are some regulations regarding what you can and can't use on your special Royals plate:

Kansas City Royals license plates are personalized plates that may be six (6) characters in length. If a license plate is requested which includes a space, hyphen (-), or apostrophe ('), the letters and/or numbers shall then be restricted to no more than five (5) characters, excluding the space, hyphen or apostrophe. Kansas City Royals license plates are available ONLY for registered Missouri vehicles for an annual contribution of $35 to Royals Charities.

Fine print aside, this is a pretty solid way for Royals fans to show their enthusiasm about the reigning kings of MLB for at least the next calendar year.