USC offensive lineman Zach Banner is returning to the Trojans for his senior season, despite the fact that he would have been selected in the 2016 NFL Draft.

In an article written for, Banner explained three reasons why he decided to make a "selfish" decision and come back for his senior year.

Banner thanked formed USC offensive lineman Tyron Smith and Matt Kalil for assisting him in his decision. He also thanks his hometown, Tacoma, Washington, for playing a part in his decision to stay.

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I am dedicated to being the voice my home has needed for so long. That is why I decided to come to a school like USC, so I could network and succeed and bring the right people back home to the East Side to inspire kids just like me. It's why I came three years ago, and it's a huge part of why I decided to stay.

Lastly, Banner thanks head coach Clay Helton for being there for him and being a mentor.