Currently in the process of building his first coaching staff, Kirby Smart appears to be keeping Georgia legacy and ace recruiter Thomas Brown on the staff. Brown, a former Bulldog running back, has been with UGA staff for one season and served as running backs coach in 2015.

According to Dawg Nation, expect Brown to be sticking around awhile longer. Shon Simmons, father of Georgia receiver target Tyler Simmons, was informed by Brown of his retention by Smart.

The running back coach also shed some light on the offense Smart intends to run in Athens, something that has remained somewhat of a mystery to this point.

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"From what I was told by Thomas (Brown), Kirby is looking for someone who is going to be a traditional Georgia guy," Simmons said. "Keeping up with the same standards that Georgia has always ran with a pro-style offense.

"They really think that's the recruiting tool to keep kids coming to Georgia and to continue to get kids to the next level. They are looking for someone with the same philosophy Georgia has always had and not moving to the spread. They are going to be keeping to the same pro-style offense."

(h/t Dawg Nation)