Could this season be Saban's swan song at Alabama? John David Mercer USA TODAY Sports

Could Nick Saban make a return to the NFL? If Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay gets his way, Saban very well may be coaching Andrew Luck next season.

According to Indianapolis journalist Bob Kravitz -- most known for his role in the Deflate Gate fiasco -- who was a recent guest on Mad Dog Sports Radio, the Colts may be looking in Saban's direction:

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"Jim Irsay does not believe that Chuck Pagano is the guy who can take him to where he wants to go," Kravitz said. "He's talking about not just one Super Bowl, but multiple Super Bowls in the Andrew Luck era."

"Jim Irsay is going to make the next coaching hire," Kravitz said. "If he brings in a guy who demands full power, like, say, a Nick Saban, who I think he's going to go after, if he brings in a Nick Saban, he's going to have full power and that means that Ryan Grigson will either be kicked to the curb or he'll have a different role in the organization."

Saban wasn't the bust many proclaim him to be at the NFL level, as he compiled a 15-17 record in two seasons as Miami's head coach. You could argue that Saban made the right decision to bail out as soon as Daunte Culpepper proved to be a terrible investment for the club. With Andrew Luck already in the fold and ready to compete for championships, would the chance to jump to the NFL prove to be too much for Saban to pass?

(h/t Mad Dog Sports Radio)

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