Kenneth Dixon is chasing ollege football history, so why aren't more people paying attention?

The Louisiana Tech running back is two touchdowns shy of tying Wisconsin's Montee Ball for the FBS record of all-time career total TDs at 83.

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Dixon scored six -- yes, six -- touchdowns during Louisiana Tech's 56-13 win over North Texas Saturday.

He is the first RB in FBS to score six touchdowns in a game this year and the first in C-USA history. He is also currently tied with Alabama's Derrick Henry for the most rushing touchdowns this season with 17 after missing two games in October with an ankle injury.

"Adversity is only a temporary thing," the 5-foot-10, 213-pound Dixon told FOX Sports last week. "Who you are really shows after that. And when I came back, I just wanted to get back into it and just be a great leader and the best teammate I can be."

His name may not be a household one yet, but that doesn't bother him. In fact, he likes his under-the-radar status.

"I like being like this," he said. "It's always good to have people who don't know you, and then you always get to surprise them....It's always good to be under-the-radar. They can keep their radar, I just love playing the game."

Louisiana Tech quarterback Jeff Driskel has only been in the backfield with him for one season, but that is more than enough time to make a believer out of him.

"Man, he is dynamic," the transfer from Florida said. "He can make anybody miss. ... I'm not sure what people think of him around the country, but if you watch the tape, it's hard for you to underrate him because he puts on a show each and every game."

Dixon has been playing the game since third grade in his hometown of Strong, Ark., population 558 according to the 2010 U.S. Census. He started out at left guard but swapped to running back a week later and he's been in love with the gam since.

"I was an only child," he said. "And I never really had friends growing up. [Football] gave me a time to bond with people."

Though he was from a small town, he never let that limit his dreams.

"The NFL was a goal for me," he said. "And I can always remember back when I was in like ninth grade my high school coach called everybody up and he just said, 'Guys, we don't have an NFL talent on this team, but we're going to keep on pushing' and that just stuck with me all the way through."

"That's kind of something I always remember, just don't ever let someone limit your goals. I always wanted to dream big, and my goals are finally here that I could attain."

Many people are starting to agree that NFL fans could be watching him on Sundays in the near future. On different websites, he's been called an NFL Draft sleeper and a "diamond in the rough."

After watching Dixon's effort, North Texas interm head coach Mike Canales said, "He is a special back. He will be a Sunday back just to be honest. That is what he is going to be."

"It's all good as long as I get a chance to play football," said Dixon, who is averaging 6.3 yards per carry while gaining 933 yards in eight games. "I'm just happy that they're saying I get another chance to play football, and that's what it's all about. Just going out and playing the game. Man, if the NFL [didn't pay], that would still be my goal."

Of course he still has to finish his senior season at Louisiana Tech. The team is currently 7-3 and atop the C-USA Western Division.

If he continues playing the way he's played the past four years, we might be hearing his name a lot in the spring.

"If they call my name in April [at the NFL Draft]," Dixon said. "I would just be happy, and whatever program I become a part of, just know they'll get a hard worker and a guy that loves football. I'm always dedicated."

"I would feel like everything that I worked for is coming to real life, because just making it into the NFL is not one of my goals. I want to play in the NFL."