Which of Saban's NFL teams stole opponent's signs? Joe Robbins Getty Images

Apparently Arizona State's Todd Graham isn't the only coach willing to admit to the practice of sign stealing. During his weekly radio show Hey Coach!, Nick Saban claimed to be part of a staff in the NFL that stole opponent's signs.

While Saban would not discuss the team that did this, there's good reason to believe Alabama's coach fingered New England head coach Bill Belichick as the culprit - Saban worked as defensive coordinator during Belichick's tenure as the Brown's head coach.

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"We used to have a guy that used to sit in the press box, and all's he did was analyze the signal-caller on the other team," Saban said. "And by the end of the first quarter -- this guy was really smart -- he would say, 'It's a run,' or 'It's a pass.' He would have it figured out."

Judging by Saban's comments, the decision to sign steal did not come from him, as he failed to find the information useful to his game management. Although Saban did claim the staff lead the NFL's best defense during this time.

"I would tell (the signal stealer), 'Look: I don't want to know. You're messing me up,'" Saban said. "Because I know what we plan to do based on their tendencies and what they've done, and what we've prepared our players to do.'"

Finally on the topic, Saban denied his Alabama program ever participated in sign stealing, despite his opinion that rival teams do attempt to steal the Tide's signs.

(h/t Hey Coach!)