Following a violent encounter with teammate Bryce Harper on Sunday, Washington Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon admitted his actions were inappropriate.

"First of all, let me say, I'm in the wrong there," Papelbon said. "I've got to leave that up to our manager.

"I've talked to Bryce and told him how we feel and we're on the same page now, which is good. Squash this and [play] tomorrow's game. You know, I grew up with brothers, he grew up with brothers. I view him as a brother of mine.

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"Sometimes in this game there's a lot of testosterone and there's a lot of intensity that spills over, and I think that happened today. For me, I can't allow that to happen in the middle of a game. You handle that after the games or allow the manager to handle that. In that light of it, I'm wrong."

Harper was visibly frustrated after the melee and was terse in his postgame session with the media.

"He apologized, so you know, whatever. I really don't care," Harper said. " … It's like brothers fighting. That's what happens and hopefully [I'll] move forward and do what I can for the next six days to have fun and play the game."

Manager Matt Williams' reaction to the incident was also limited.

"Well, certainly there is a lot of testosterone flowing among young men competing," Williams said. "What I can tell you is this, this is a family issue and we'll deal with it that way."

Shortstop Ian Desmond downplayed the incident.

"The dugout stuff, in my opinion, is a non-story," Desmond said. "That stuff just happens. It's been an emotional couple of days. When the emotions boil over sometimes, it gets the best of us. No blood drawn. We are going to be all right."