The Ultimate Writer: Julian Erosa breaks down Episode 2

We have now won our fights to get into the house and have moved in. I think it will be very interesting to see how we all get along and who will stir up the most trouble. It felt like the beginning of a summer camp except we are all adults who will try and hurt each other!

Dana had an announcement for us about bringing some fighters back. No surprise that for the European team they brought back Artem. And for the American team, they brought back Johnny. I figured the reason they brought back Artem was because he's Conor's boy! Sometimes it is all about who you know.

I thought there were a lot of fights that could have gone a third round. Artem vs Mehdi wasn't one of them. Mehdi had practically dropped Artem 2 or 3 times in their fight and busted him up pretty well. So, now we have 9 guys on both team but they will only take 8 of the 9 winners so we not only have to win, but do it excitingly. Having boring fights is not in my nature so this new twist to the show didn't bother me much.

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We then figured out our first match up, Ryan Hall vs Frantz Slioa. We wanted to keep the control of the match-up's so this was a fight we felt confident about. We figured they would stand for a little while and once Frantz forgot about the ground, Hall expertly jumped underneath for the leg lock. Took him a little longer than his first fight because Frantz is a tough guy with no give. Hall got the job done and we still have control.

Our next match up is Sascha vs Chris. We think Chris is better all around and will get the victory for team America once again!