There's a lot of orange surrounding Oklahoma football.

Think about it. On a daily basis, orange is as much a part of a Sooner fan's thinking as crimson and cream.

All different shades which come in varying degrees, ranging from disgust to delightful The list includes Oklahoma State and Texas on an annual basis, Clemson, from time to time and of course the Orange Bowl.

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This year it's Tennessee and it's checkered past and endzone. Saturday in Knoxville will be more orange than Oklahoma has ever seen outside of Lindsey Street traffic cones.

Both are maddening.

In case thinking about traffic isn't frustrating enough, here are 25 more reasons to get worked up in advance of Oklahoma's game Saturday in Knoxville.

The Tennessee River seemingly runs just beyond the goalpost at Neyland Stadium, and yes, people take boats to the game, which, if you've dealt with the traffic in and around Norman the past month or so, seems like a much more viable means of travel.

The Tennessee River and the giant T the players run through as 102,000-plus scream as only SEC fans scream, are a tradition 1. you wish the Sooners had. 2. Then after realizing Oklahoma's 8-5 season is one UT fans would go wild for, you take it back.

The crowd is amazing in Knoxville. The wins are better in Norman. Tennessee is just 20-15 the previous five seasons at home. 4. You keep telling yourself that as you stare into orange eternity.

The good news is 5. the players won't be as awe-struck as the general Oklahoma fan will be. OU gets out to a quick, hot start and the 6. Sooners score a touchdown in the first five minutes of the game. 7. And lead by at least 10 after the first quarter.

8. You check the availability of and 9. find out it's still available. 10. And realize it's not a great investment.

Meanwhile, 11. OU does a better job of running the ball than it did last week when it averaged 3.3 yards per carry. 12. The Sooners make sure they rush it more frequently, too. Call it a rededication to the best part of their offense from 2014. Samaje Perine and Joex Mixon combined for 60 yards total last week. 13. They get to 100 by halftime. Mixon had five carries against Akron. 14. He gets double that by halftime against the Vols. 15. And scores a touchdown.

Hang on, though. Tennessee has some guys who can run the ball, too. Despite what Eric Striker said. Jalen Hurd is better than decent. He'll show it in the first half and 16. have at least one 30-yard run. 17. And finish with 100-plus yards. 18. Alvin Kamara, another sophomore running back for the Vols gets a touchdown, too. What? You thought the Sooners were going to shut out Tennessee? Sorry. It's not Akron.

Perine and Mixon are the Oklahoma stars. At least they will be Saturday. Hurd will play well, too, so count on this game coming down to Mayfield vs. Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs. Dobbs was 15-of-22 passing last week for 205 yards against Bowling Green. Dobbs also ran for another 89 yards on just 12 carries. 19. He'll account for more than 250 yards again. 20. But he won't be the best quarterback on the field. Mayfield threw for 388 yards yards last week, the most for an Oklahoma quarterback in a debut. Mayfield won't throw for that many Saturday, 21. but he will throw for two scores or more. 22. And run for a touchdown.

Oklahoma has the offense to beat Tennessee. The issue will be if the Sooner defense is improved. Akron wasn't exactly the best barometer for measuring anything about the Sooners. Tennessee will be. 23. The Sooners cover the two points in Knoxville. 24. The orange becomes a bit more tolerable. At least until the Texas game.

25. And you start planning for next week's traffic in Norman.

Oklahoma 34, Tennessee 24.

Last week: 14-11

Overall: 14-11