The MVP race in the American League is seemingly down to two players: Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays and Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels.

According to David Price, however, there's a 'clear-cut' choice in Donaldson.

"He's the clear-cut MVP right now. If the season ends today it's a landslide and he's the MVP," Price said in a radio appearance with Sportsnet. "There might not be a bigger Mike Trout fan out there than myself, but it's not close. Josh Donaldson, what he's been able to do, scoring over 100 runs, over 100 RBI, 37 or 38 home runs…just everything that he's doing."

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From a teammate perspective, Price says Donaldson does everything right.

"He's a high energy guy. He's one of those guys you want on your team. From what I've seen from him, I haven't seen guys really get as hot as he's been...I guess Edwin (Encarnacion), that's the hottest I've ever seen any hitter. I mean, Josh, he's definitely the clear-cut MVP right now."

On the season, Donaldson is slashing .305/.372/.592 while Trout is slashing .293/.394/.572.

According to Baseball Reference wins above replacement, Donaldson has the edge over Trout with an 8.0 WAR while the center fielder owns a 7.5 WAR.

(h/t Sportsnet)