Extra Points: Marshawn speaks ... sort of

( - Immature people tend to handle things in an immature way as evidenced by noted introvert Marshawn Lynch, who finally broke through his ridiculous media silence on Thursday.

For the first time since he arrived in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX, Lynch actually said something other than "I'm here so I don't get fined," ripping into the people who want to talk with him so badly.

"All week I done told ya'll what's up," Lynch bellyached. "And for some reason you continue to come back for the same thing."

It's a fair point. Why anyone has any interest in talking to Lynch at this stage escapes me.

Yeah he is perhaps the Seahawks' top offensive player, and some reporters believe there could be a trickle-down effect if Lynch is allowed to get away with this nonsense so they have chosen this hill to die on.

But that's specious thinking.

Some players actually enjoy the lavish attention they get on the game's biggest stage, and even the vast of majority who don't are going to act like professionals because they have respect for the game and themselves.

Lynch is famous for his electrifying, tackle-breaking "Beast Quake" runs, and now he's even more famous for being the world's biggest you know what.

"I don't know what story ya'll trying to get out of me. What image you are trying to portray of me. But it don't matter what ya'll think," Lynch said. "When I go home at night to the same people I look in the face, to my family that I love, that's all that matters."

Lynch needs no help from me or any other reporter to frame his narrative and his brand.

And some millennials find a disagreeable, arrogant, contemptuous, inartful clod appealing. Luckily, however, they remain in the minority.

"Ya'll go make up whatever you want to make up, because I don't say nothing for you to make out on," Lynch continued. "But I'll come to your event, ya'll shove cameras and microphones down my throat. But when I'm at home, in my environment, I don't see ya'll. But ya'll mad at me. And if ya'll ain't mad at me, then what'll ya'll here for ... I don't have nothing for you."

The irony is, it's not "our event." It's the NFL's event, it's the fans' event and yes, it's Lynch's event.

But make no mistake, we don't have to "make up adjectives" to describe Lynch. He wears his disagreeableness on his sleeve.

If this act feels stale, you're not wrong. Lynch pulled the same shenanigans at last year's Super Bowl and far too many cared.

"Several of our long-standing and high profile members were appalled by Mr. Lynch's conduct and refusal to answer any questions," The Pro Football Writers of America said in a statement after Lynch's petulance in New York.

Yours truly is not one of those long-standing members appalled by Lynch's conduct simply because he offers nothing.

This isn't Aristotle folks.

"Ya'll sit here and continue to do the same thing. I'm here preparing for a game and ya'll want to ask me all these questions, which is understandable, I can get that," said Lynch contradicting himself at every turn while no doubt making those at Cal-Berkley cringe knowing this guy represents their institution.

"But I told ya'll I'm not about to say nothing."

FYI Marshawn, that means you are about to say something but I'm guessing double negatives aren't discussed all that much in "The Town."

Lynch did deem one question worthy of his time, though: "Where can you buy Beast Mode gear?"

"," he said, breaking his own well-intentioned rule of giving us "nothing" before rebounding:

"I'm here. I done talked. All of my requirements are fulfilled. So for these next three minutes, I'll just be looking at ya'll the way ya'll be looking at me."