SOCHI SCENE: Russians get lucky

Russian police singing Daft Punk, a pop band belting out Queen in Russian. The host country has spent the warmup to Sochi's opening ceremony reaching out to visitors from the West.

Most expect the actual ceremony to be a proud celebration of Russia's history and an optimistic look into its future. But the Russia-centric kickoff to the Winter Games was heavy on Western culture during the pre-party.

The highlight was the Russian Army choir euphorically singing "Get Lucky," one of the biggest hits in the United States last year. The band Tokyo sang the Queen anthem "We Are The Champions," alternating verses between Russian and English to get the crowd going.

And as the official start to the night neared, the two emcees led the crowd in a round of that Western sports arena staple: the wave.

— Jon Krawczynski — Twitter


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