A golf stunt involving Tiger Woods smashing balls from Asia to Europe across a bridge in Turkey snarled traffic Tuesday, causing at least one driver to get out of his car and protest during a news broadcast.

Authorities closed half of the six-lane Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul so Woods could stand on a makeshift tee and hit balls across the 5,118 ft. span.

"It was nerve-racking because the wind was off to the left and oncoming traffic was on my right. So, if I happen to, if I lost it to the right at all, I'm hitting some car. So I was trying to hit some draws up against the wind and trying to run it down there," Woods said, according to The Telegraph.

It was also nerve-racking for a man who appeared to have gotten slowed down in the traffic before getting out of his car and walking over to a reporter to vent, USA Today reports.

Around 180,000 vehicles cross the bridge each day, The Associated Press reports.

Woods is in Turkey to compete in this weekend’s Turkish Airlines Open in Antalya.