NCAA slaps Chadron State with sanctions

Indianapolis, IN ( - Chadron State football has been placed on three years' probation and must vacate two years worth of results as part of NCAA sanctions.

The penalties are the result of an investigation into former football coach Bill O'Boyle.

According to the NCAA, O'Boyle opened an external bank account in 2009 for proceeds from the football program's golf tournament without the permission of the college president. He used this account for both football-related expenses, such as recruiting trips, and personal expenses, including paying for a traffic ticket and other unknown uses.

In addition, O'Boyle also maintained two other outside bank accounts to pay concession workers and for recruiting expenses. He also misled investigators by not revealing the location of the golf tournament money and the existence of the outside bank accounts.

The school also allowed a football student-athlete to compete while ineligible and thus must forfeit all results for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

"We're pleased to have a decision from the NCAA and now we can continue to ensure Eagle athletics remains the strong program it already is," said CSC president Dr. Randy Rhine in a statement Wednesday. "I have confidence in our coaching staff and athletic administration to lead us forward."

A two-year show-cause order was issued for O'Boyle, as well as former athletic director Brad Smith.

The NCAA also agreed with the school's self-imposed sanction of a reduction of official paid visits from potential recruits by 15 for the 2013-14 academic year.