WS awards: Your best from Game 5

Though Game 5 ended in a conventional fashion, it was no less extraordinary than Games 3 and 4. Here's the best from Boston's 3-1 victory.

Best Halloween costume: NBA mega-star, Derrick Rose, attended Monday night's game dressed as a very convincing Willie Robertson from the hit television show "Duck Dynasty." Here he is looking eerily similar to the professional ducksman.

Rose has a history of dressing as the reality star and his costume has really evolved over time. Here he is just a few months ago for his son's birthday party.

Most enthusiastic man without head: It's hard to tell where this die hard fan is sitting, but his view couldn't possibly be any better.

Best real-life rebuttal to the movie "White Men Can't Jump:" Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew wins another coveted award with his fielding expertise. This time it's in direct response to a movie he saw for the first time Sunday night. As you can see, he didn't take kindly to the stereotype and "showed everybody" with this high-flying grab. He was also spotted slam-dunking basketballs during batting practice.

Scariest at-bat: Red Sox right fielder Daniel Nava nearly impaled himself after his bat splintered and a shard headed straight for his neck. Fortunately, he avoided any significant injury. Unfortunately, he hit into an inning-ending double play.

Most exciting moment of the game: Sure some of these players have waited their entire lives to play in a World Series, but nothing gets them amped like seeing a perfect paper airplane landing.

Best use of razor to carve Cardinals logo into top of head: There wasn't much competition for this award and I imagine this hairdo will be short-lived if St. Louis loses Game 6.


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