Can Tebow's 'aura' work wonders?

We don't know the color, shape or brightness of Tim Tebow's aura, only that he has one, that some have seen it, and that when activated it causes winning football.

So says New York Jets wide receiver David Nelson.

"I know what he can bring to a team, not just from the physical aspect of on the field but what he brings off the field - that aura and the presence he has about him," Nelson told the New York Post.

It remains unclear which aspects of Tebow's aura allow him to effortlessly run for game-wining touchdowns after a day spent throwing deflated pool toys all over the yard, but he does have a 9-7 record as a starting quarterback. Nelson thinks Tebow's kindness and instruction make a big difference.

"Guys love being around him," he said. "Guys feed off that and he makes other people better. Even if he's not out there calling the plays, he's helping guys, coaching guys. To have that as a backup quarterback is extremely valuable."

Tebow is a free agent.