Buzz: Wilson making Giant gaffes

There are certain things you can do to redeem yourself after fumbling twice before getting benched for Da'Rel Scott in an NFL season opener. Slamming the fans and calling them irrelevant is not one of those things.

But apparently David Wilson missed that lecture at the rookie symposium last summer, because Tuesday night, the second-year Giants tailback took to Twitter to ream fans who were criticising his performance Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

Ayy to fantasy participants and pissed Giants fans ur irrelevant to me!!! Nobody wants me to succeed more than ME!!! WATCH US WORK!

-- David E. Wilson (@4stillRunning) September 10, 2013 To be fair, it's understandable why fan reaction to Wilson's performance (two fumbles in seven carries and just 19 yards) might get under his skin. I mean, just look at his mentions on Twitter. How would you feel if that's what your timeline looked like?

But then again, it's not as though the fans, rude as they may be, don't have a legitimate point. If Wilson holds onto the ball Sunday, no one is giving him a hard time, he's not being replaced by Brandon Jacobs and he's not engaging fan barbs on the Internet.

Seemingly aware that he didn't do himself any favors with his initial Tweet, Wilson sent a follow-up a couple hours later hoping to put himself back in the Giants fans' good graces:

S/O to all our supporters and big blue nation lets go get these wins the fans deserve every win we get #wegonegetit

-- David E. Wilson (@4stillRunning) September 11, 2013 But it's going to take more than a Twitter mea culpa to get Wilson back on the field, and Tom Coughlin (who I imagine calls it "The Tweeter" or something) doesn't seem especially inclined to put Wilson back in the lineup just yet.

Obviously, priority No. 1 is going to have to be holding onto the ball more going forward, but making comments like that aren't going to help his case, and Victor Cruz told the New York Daily News that he and Wilson were going to "have a heart-to-heart conversation" to try and clear the issue up.

It's not the fans' fault David Wilson has skillet hands, and if he doesn't start keeping the ball and his emotions in check, he's going to end up getting relegated to the Jets.

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