Tennessee thanks God for new coach

The first thing you have to know is, there's a pregame prayer over the public address system at Tennessee's Neyland Stadium. If you've ever heard a prayer said in front of a crowd, you can imagine what that typically sounds like.

Be with us today, Jesus, as we honor you with this student-athlete endeavor, and bless the officials, Lord, that they might not screw over the Vols.

Something like that, anyway.

Saturday, however, was a little different.

Pregame prayer in Neyland thanked God for a new coach. #Ouch

-- Wes Rucker (@wesrucker247) August 31, 2013

Tennessee ran off Derek Dooley after he went 15-21 from 2010-12, and replaced him with Butch Jones, who is a gift from above.

"Oh Lord, you make all things new. We thank you for the new school year and espically our new coach." #pregameprayer #vols #vfl #gbo

-- Anna Trundle (@trundlehead) August 31, 2013

That was met with a round of amens from the congregation.

Tennessee's pre-game prayer featured a thank you for a new coach. And many said "Amen."

-- Daniel Lewis (@DanielNooga) August 31, 2013

And so there you have it. Butch Jones: God's gift to Tennessee. No pressure.