Phoenix Suns 2013 Draft Report Card

Alex Len was the Phoenix Suns' choice at No. 5, passing on Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore, both much better prospects than Len.

Admittedly, I don't see it with Len. He had foot surgery and that's not a great sign for a big man trying to run up and down the floor for 82 games.

It's fair to question the Suns' plan. What is the long-term plan here, build around Len, who is a prospect at best? He's got some upside, but safe should've been the play and Noel or McLemore was much safer.

Goodwin is interesting. Word is, he left Kentucky after just one season because he thought he might lose some playing time when the Wildcat recruiting class comes to Rupp Arena. Goodwin was a blue-chip recruit who had an inconsistent freshman year. Remember, he is a kid and worth a shot at No. 29.

Oriakhi is fine.

Again, the Suns had a great chance to change the culture in Phoenix and build around either of the two prized choices. Len was never great at the University of Maryland, so why would he be great at this level?

There is not a ton of talent in Phoenix and this draft did nothing to change minds about that.

Grade: C+