Charlotte Bobcats 2013 Draft Report Card

Oh man, the Charlotte Bobcats make things so much harder on themselves.

Michael Jordan once again stuns the world with a huge reach in the form of Cody Zeller. I like Zeller, but at No. 4, that's quite a reach.

The Bobcats passed Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore and another big guy, Alex Len, to take Zeller. The Indiana kid surprised some at the combine with his athleticism and jump-shooting.

But at No. 4?

It's a bad pick. Zeller might be fine, but Noel and McLemore will both be better.

The Charlotte faithful who attended a party for the selection started wildly booing and chanting some unpleasant things about Mr. Jordan.

But he deserves everything he gets.

Jordan's track record as owner of the Bobcats is staggering in its ineptitude.

Adam Morrison.

D.J. Augustin.

The trades, the signings, the decisions, most of them have been embarrassing.

Will the Zeller pick go down the same way? No, he won't be as bad as Morrison, but that doesn't make this any better.

Charlotte had an opportunity to improve its franchise. Maybe, it's an elaborate plan to stink once again and try and get the No. 1 pick in 2014 to take Andre Wiggins.

Whatever it was, it was curious, strange and a poor decision from a man who is tarnishing his already putrid legacy as an executive.

Grade: D