NBA committee denies Kings' move to Seattle

The NBA's relocation committee unanimously rejected the looming sale and relocation of the Sacramento Kings on Monday.

The vote likely ensures that the Kings will remain in Sacramento, putting the brakes on the team's long-rumored move to Seattle. The recommendation of the relocation committee, which consists of 12 current owners, is expected to weigh heavily on the decision of the NBA Board of Governors, who ultimately have final say on the matter.

The Board of Governors is scheduled to meet during the week of May 13 to discuss the situation.

Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson had assembled a group of investors and submitted a proposal to keep the team in town back in March, which ultimately led the City Council to approve the construction of a new arena in downtown Sacramento.

The Maloof family, current owners of the Kings, had agreed in January to sell a 65 percent share of the team to a group led by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who were looking to move the Kings to Seattle.

Seattle lost its NBA franchise to Oklahoma City in 2008.