Juventus fined $13,000 after fans unveil banner offending 1949 Torino plane crash victims

Juventus has been fined $13,000 after its fans unveiled an offensive banner during a 3-0 victory over Torino that referred to the 1949 plane crash that wiped out nearly the entire squad from the famed "Grande Torino" team.

The huge banner read — in translation — "We of Turin pride and glory, you just a crash."

The crash occurred in May 1949 as Torino was winning its fifth consecutive Serie A title. It hasn't won since.

Former Italy international Sandro Mazzola, whose father was killed in the crash, said the banner at Saturday's game between the Turin clubs was "a sign that we are in a country that has fallen to a real low point — in every aspect."

Meanwhile, Torino was fined $32,500 after its fans destroyed seats and bathrooms inside the year-old Juventus Stadium.