Johnny Football Cut Gets Latino Teen in Hairy Mess

Dreamonoid via YouTube

 (Dreamonoid via YouTube)

This is one big fan of  “Johnny Football.”

Texas high school student Christian Chavez was so enthralled by his hometown hero, Heisman hopeful Johnny Manziel, that he had the Texas A & M football star’s face shaved onto the back of his head. The cut included Manziel’s college logo and his well-known nickname, “Johnny Football,” along with makeup to make it really stand out.

"I love the haircut. I'm a big fan of Johnny,” a proud Chavez, 17, told ESPN. “My parents love it, too. They like Johnny. My older brother played with Johnny."

Too bad his school, Hill Country High School in Kerrville, did not appreciate the haircut as much as Chavez did.

When he showed up at school Thursday, Chavez was apparently placed in isolation at the school because the haircut violated the school’s dress code. He opted to head home instead.

In a statement to ESPN, the school district said its rules require that "Hair must be clean and neatly groomed. Only natural hair colors are acceptable. Hairstyles that are distracting are not acceptable."

The school said the student "was placed in an area of the school where he would not distract the learning of other students.”

The school’s decision has made Chavez something of a local hero himself after ESPN wrote about the teen and his plight – even though initial reports said the teen was kicked out of school.

“I didn't see anything wrong with the haircut,” Chavez told the San Antonio Express News.

His mother, like any Latina mom, wasn’t focused on the attention but was worried about one thing.

“I don't want my son to miss school. He needs his education,” Irma Chavez told the Express News, adding that she approved her son’s haircut on Wednesday but never imagine it would cause any fuss.

“It never crossed my mind that the haircut would cause an interruption in the education,” she told the paper. 

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