Black Coaches and Administrators award A's to 21 of 39 top football schools that filled jobs

The Black Coaches and Administrators have awarded grades of "A'' to 21 of the 39 Division I schools that conducted head football coaching searches in 2011-12. The organization's executive director said he was alarmed only six of the schools hired minorities.

The BCA issued its annual Hiring Report Card on schools' hiring practices since 2004.

The report card released Thursday is not based on how many minority coaches were hired. Rather, schools are evaluated based on criteria pertaining to the hiring process. Historically black colleges are not included in the study.

In 2010-11, 10 of the 28 head coaching jobs in the FBS and FCS were filled by people of color.

Executive director Floyd Keith said the number of hires for 2011-12 "did not measure up to recent successes."