Grinnell, send LeBron some film: James hopes to see Jack Taylor's 138-point night

There's two games LeBron James wishes he could watch on tape.

One is Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points.

The other would be Jack Taylor scoring 138 points for Division III's Grinnell College.

The Heat took notice of Taylor's record scoring effort on Wednesday, making references to the Grinnell guard in their morning shootaround practice before facing the Milwaukee Bucks. And afterward, the NBA's reigning MVP called what Taylor did on Tuesday night "unbelievable."

James says he doesn't believe he's ever topped 56 points in any game. He says he couldn't even manipulate a video game enough to score 100 points.

And in addition to the record, Taylor might have gotten a new nickname. "King James" is now calling Taylor "Sir Jack."