McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed With The Fab Five

via @chrislittmann

"I guess it was taken," McKayla Maroney explained of the women's gymanstics old nickname, "by some basketball team or something."


Background: You may have noticed that halfway through the Olympics people stopped referring to the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team as the "Fab Five" and started calling them the "Fierce Five.

Whatever the reason, the girls decided to come up with something else, so, as USA Today reports, "they hit their phones, Googling for words that start with 'F'." (Greatest generation, y'all!)

But more importantly ... McKayla's complete indifference to the original Fab Five is almost too good to be true after McKayla Is Not Impressed became a thing. As Danger Guerrero has pointed out, she really needs a reality show as soon as possible, if only so we can all enjoy he withering putdowns in real time. Oh, and here she is teaching Jenna Bush how to "dougie", just because:

In short: McKayla Maroney is the greatest. America needs more McKayla Maroney.

(HT to Chris Littmann for the excellent photoshop)