USA Vs. Canada, 2012 Olympics: Megan Rapinoe Equalizes Again!

This match is absolutely nuts and it is as much Megan Rapinoe vs. Christine Sinclair as it is United States vs. Canada. Sinclair scored first to put Canada in front, but then Rapinoe scored and Olimpico to level. Sinclair responded with a great finish and now Rapinoe has scored another great goal to get the U.S. level. This. Is. Nuts.

There wasn't a lot in the play leading up to the goal. There was no build up play of note or great passing. It was a pretty simple goal that had one result -- Rapinoe is awesome.

The American got the ball at 20 yards, cleared a bit of space for herself and let rip. It was a rocket off her boot that left Eric McLeod no chance before hitting the inside of the post and going in. It was a great goal that got the U.S. level and her level with Sinclair. It's on!