Handball Deserves Your Attention

Every four years, a sport pops up at the Olympics that the masses fall in love with. Not a mainstream sport, of course, but a random, obscure competition that the public at-large sits enamored with before forgetting it exists again. This year, it's handball.

It helps that the newness of this year's Olympics is still going strong. It's only the first real day of competition and we're all consuming as much of the Olympics as we can. And team handball was one of the breakout events of the day.

Check out these highlights, which should give you an idea of what we're working with.

Even the spectators were great.

Chicken hats. Yep.

This is the Olympics in a nutshell. It's an excuse to wake up at a stupid hour of the morning to watch archery or fencing and cheer like hell for a sport you'll pay attention to only in four-year intervals.

And team handball appeals to the everyday person: It looks like something you'd se setup on a court at the local YMCA -- 20-something singles drinking beer and all. You know, like kickball.

But if you haven't yet tuned in to see handball, go find it immediately. Start here and watch a replay. You'll quickly find love in a handball place.