Auriemma: Women need to play well on world stage

Geno Auriemma says it's important for the U.S. women's basketball team to look good in its quest for a fifth straight gold medal.

He says "just winning won't be good enough for us to raise the bar."

Auriemma says creating a style of play that is exciting to watch and still win the gold medal is a challenge. He says winning is his priority, but "we're on a world stage. So if it's ugly, we're going to harm the game more than help it."

The coach says he and several of his players are soccer fans and "would love to play basketball the way Spain plays soccer." Auriemma says "the ball moves, we're not trying to be like Italy and win nothing-nothing on penalty kicks."

Auriemma grew up in Italy, so he says he is allowed to joke about his native country.