Chara breaks his own record, but Team Alfredsson wins

Zdeno Chara's record-breaking blast was part of the highlights at the NHL SuperSkills competition on Saturday.

Chara was captain of his own team that eventually lost to Team Alfredsson, 21-12.

In the hardest shot competition, Chara came into the event with a record 105.4 mph blast in 2011. His first shot shattered that record as it reached 108.8.

In the final round, his shot went down to 107.0, but it was still enough to beat Shea Weber of Nashville, who fired his 106.0 mph.

"It was probably the new stick," said Chara. "It's so much fun out here, and breaking the record adds to it."

Weber had a shot of 104.9 in the first round for the fastest shot for Team Alfredsson, but lost both rounds to Chara.

These two were also the finalists in the 2011 competition.

In the fastest skater competition, Carl Hagelin of the New York Rangers defeated Colin Greening of the Ottawa Senators.

The two rookies were the fastest in the opening round, with Greening posting a time of 12.993 and Hagelin skating to a time of 12.963.

The final round, though, saw Hagelin win that one with a time of 13.218 while Greening was just back with a time of 13.303.

"It was kind of tough on the first race because we hadn't been on the ice much lately," said Hagelin. "But that second one I felt real good and was able to win it."

In the breakaway challenge, Patrick Kane of Chicago won to get Team Chara a victory.

After missing his first attempt, Kane donned a Superman cape along with the thick Clark Kent glasses for his second shot.

On that one, he scored as he dove to the ice, threw the puck from the left side to the right with his hand and tapped it in with the stick.

His last attempt saw him use a trick puck that broke up into several pieces when he slapped it.

The winner of the event was determined by fan votes, and Kane garnered 49 percent of the vote to get his team one point.

In the accuracy event Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars, who had an appendectomy on January 15, won for Team Chara.

In the qualifying round, he had the fastest score with a time of 13.583 seconds and then beat Matt Read of Philadelphia in the final round with a time of 10.204.

In the skills relay challenge, Team Alfredsson won all three points available.

The skills challenge consists of one-timers, target shooting, passing, puck control and stickhandling skills, eight players on each side compete against each other for the fastest time.

Team Alfredsson had a time of 2:28 in the first round while Team Chara did it in 2:45.

The second round saw Team Alfredsson win again with a time of 2:08 compared to 2:14 for Team Chara.

Each heat won Team Alfredsson a point, and the squad got an extra point for fastest overall time.

In the final event, Team Alfredsson defeated Team Chara in the elimination shootout.

Consisting of breakaway attempts, both teams sent 12 skaters on net and Alfredsson's team scored six times in the first round while Team Chara had just three goals.

It went to another round with the original goal scorers having a second shot and Team Alfredsson scored three more while all three of Team Chara's shooters were stopped.

Steven Stamkos scored in the final round to win the event as John Tavares and Jason Pominville were stopped.