Frank McCourt gets Dodgers in divorce

Frank and Jamie McCourt have settled their divorce and she has relinquished an ownership claim of the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to a report.

Jamie McCourt will get around $130 million in the settlement, but has agreed to step out of the way and allow her former husband to pursue his goal of sole ownership of the baseball team, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The former couple's divorce settlement was confirmed in a statement. Terms were not disclosed, but the Times cited multiple sources in its report and said the divorce is believed to be the costliest in California history.

The McCourts previously reached a divorce settlement in June that included a judge's authorization to complete a TV rights deal with Fox Sports, which was later rejected by Major League Baseball.

Last month, MLB filed a motion in bankruptcy court arguing that the Dodgers should be sold to provide a clear path toward settling the team's considerable financial woes.

Frank McCourt is now seeking to auction the team's TV rights to the highest bidder without league approval, a move MLB argues is motivated by McCourt's unrealistic hope of generating enough proceeds to help meet his own personal financial liabilities.

The Dodgers requested that a bankruptcy court hearing set for October 12 be delayed.

The McCourts have owned the Dodgers since 2004, but a messy two-year divorce included Frank's claim that he should have sole possession of the team and Jamie's belief that the Dodgers should be a shared property.

A marital property agreement between the two that would have made Frank the sole owner was invalidated by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.