La Liga Players' Union Threatens Strike; Upcoming Season in Danger

Spanish league soccer players are threatening to strike from the upcoming La Liga season if a new collective bargaining agreement is not signed.

The Spanish professional footballers' union (AFE) said Thursday that Spanish first and second division fixtures will be affected for the first two games of the 2011-12 league season.

"We are unanimous and firm in our decision to call a strike," AFE president Luis Rubiales told ESPN. "The league will not start until a new agreement (between the league and the players) has been signed."

“The professional soccer league doesn’t understand the call for strike,” the club’s association for the two divisions said in a press release in Spanish. 

The goal is “to advance in the negotiation and reach an accord as soon as possible.”

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"The entire time we have maintained an open dialogue and adopted the historical methods and responded to the concerns of the players," the statement read.

When Rubiales made the announcement, he was backed by about 100 players representing all 42 clubs in the top two divisions.

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