Woman Threatens Legal Action After Michael Jordan Love Letter Was Sold

A North Carolina woman is calling a flagrant foul after a love letter given to her from one of the greatest basketball players ever was sold for thousands of dollars at an auction.

Laquetta Robinson tells WTVD-TV in Raleigh that Michael Jordan wrote her a love letter nearly 30 years ago and wants answers as to who took it and sold it.

"That was between me and him. Not anyone else. It wasn't for anyone else to have knowledge of it. That's something he wrote to me, at that time, out of his heart," she told the Raleigh television station. She says she is threatening to take legal action.

Nearly 30 years ago, Jordan showed he had moves not just on the basketball court.

"Everyone think you are a very pretty young lady and I had to agree because it is very true. Please don't let this go to your head. (smile)," Jordan wrote. He closed it out by saying: "With my Best Love."

The letter and their high school prom picture sold for more than $5,100 in December 2004.

Robinson never knew the letter was missing and suspects that a family member might have stolen it from her. She also tells the station that more items Jordan gave her appear missing.

"In the course of the time of our courtship, I've had a jersey that's missing. I don't know where it is. I've had pictures that are missing," she told WTVD-TV.

Robinson wants Jordan to know that she did not look to profit off their relationship.

"More than anything, I wouldn't want Michael to think that I did it cause I wouldn't want him to think that I would betray him in this way," she told the station.