Man Buys Bike Ridden by Floyd Landis for $5 at Yard Sale

One Kentucky man pedaled away from a yard sale with a find of a lifetime.

Greg Estes paid $5 last week for a bike that scandal-plagued cyclist Floyd Landis rode in a 2007 Colorado race, the Owenton News-Herald reported.

Despite the condition of the bike -- two flat tires and what appeared to be broken pedals -- Estes thought it looked like an expensive bike. The pedals turned out not to be broken, but rather custom-built pedals.

And that's not all Estes' research turned up.

"It turns out the bike was custom-built by Cyco-Path Bikes in California for Floyd Landis," Estes told the newspaper.

"After I did the research, I took it to a couple of bike shops," he said. "One guy told me I could put it on eBay and get $4,000 for it in minutes."

Estes said the bike had been found on the side of an interstate road by a state worker and that there was no file indicating the bike was stolen or missing.

Landis had his 2006 Tour de France title stripped of him after he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Landis has recently said the seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong also took such drugs. Federal authorities are currently looking into doping allegations against Armstrong.

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